Thursday, 16 June 2011

Identity Crisis and Personal Integration : Notes and Photos

June 25, 2011: 
Uday Acharya conducted a workshop on Identity Crisis and Personal Integration
At VesLarc Vedanta Room in VES Management Institute, Mumbai.

Ram Keshwani, Trustee Vivekananda Education Society

 Uday Acharya - Trustee, Vidya Vaaridhi Trust
Anushka Panjabi - Executive Manager VESLARC
Piya Mukherjee - Director VESLARC

A Nagananda, Faculty VESLARC 

Workshop Participants 

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Serenity Attitudes

Better than doing more or doing less, I do things just right, more or less.

I Give time to the important things in life.
I go beyond competition and explore new avenues...getting  there before others do
I believe I can do much more..... There is ample scope for improvement
I give time to the important things in my life.
I Give Trust to win Trust; give understanding to gain understanding; show respect to earn respect.