Thursday, 2 June 2011

Serenity Attitudes

Better than doing more or doing less, I do things just right, more or less.

I Give time to the important things in life.
I go beyond competition and explore new avenues...getting  there before others do
I believe I can do much more..... There is ample scope for improvement
I give time to the important things in my life.
I Give Trust to win Trust; give understanding to gain understanding; show respect to earn respect.

I improve my communication and verify my assumptions to create understanding. 
I transform arguments from conflict into confluence.
Life is a gym to exercise and build my abilities and test my skills.
Life is not about winning races but about experiences to be cherished.
Miracles occur when Heads Hearts and Hands come together,
My core values include self-belief, integrity, personal growth, harmony and contribution.
My day begins with rich possibilities; ends with experiential learning.
My head and heart coming together leads to breakthroughs - personally and professionally
My leisure time is for contemplation and personal growth, not for worry and regrets.
My Success comes from awareness, planning, and consistent efforts.
Passion to learn and share motivates me go that extra mile.
Poor communication creates misunderstandings. It’s better to communicate than to argue
Self-confidence is the trust I have in myself to find better answers.
Success is doing what I love and enjoying what I do.
There is very little competition at the top.
My life is not about winning races; It is about experiences to be cherished.
Universal resources are entrusted to me for productive use and protecting the environment.


Deepak said...

Respected Acharyaji,

Your comments have always been a great source of inspiration.

I have come into contact with you very recently. I am highly thankful to Urban Leaves and its team members as due to them I came to know about you.

Thanks for your guidance.

At present I am travelling in US. I will meet you as soon as I reach Mumbai by this month end.

Warm Regards

Deepak Shah.

Uday Acharya said...

Thank you Deepak. I was very touched by your words.

Best regards