Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Wisdom to Know the Difference

Q. In the serenity prayer, though one is asking god for serenity to accept certain things and to change certain things and wisdom to know the difference, isn't that wisdom a question-mark? The attitude of surrender is so difficult.

I agree with you that wisdom is a vague word. As long as we live, we are learning, and our wisdom grows (hopefully) in the process. Ultimately there is no end to learning, and we do make mistakes. Real wisdom is the humility to admit that we were wrong or that we made a mistake. Only then are we ready to change or make amends.

Maturity, growth, wisdom - all these words reveal a degree or extent of a particular progression from ignorance towards knowledge, from conditioned thinking towards free thought, from beliefs towards facts. Ultimately, we require that much wisdom as will make our lives better, harmonious, functional and fulfilling. Is this asking for too much?


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