Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Boredom to Cheerdom: feeling bad or feeling better

Boredom comes when I  have an agenda that I am not inclined to go for, -  because the process is painful, or because I wait at length for the world to make me happy, as if it owes me an obligation. Honest work undertaken to reach meaningful results keeps me motivated and free from boredom, even when I am way away from reaching my destination. 

Boredom makes me discount the value of what I have achieved, because of overconcern with what I do not have. It is important to open my eyes to the beauty of the present moment while I pursue goals over the long term. 

Boredom also tells me that what I have is not what I really want. It indicates an absence of situations that present a challenge to me. It is necessary therefore to re-evaluate my pursuits to isolate the inspiring from the mundane. Life is what I make out of it. The secret is in making choices that keeps me moving forward.

Every day I have a choice. I can choose to feel bored or choose to feel better. I need to ask myself what I deserve: to feel bad or to feel better. What obtains in my kingdom.... Boredom or Cheerdom?


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