Friday, 10 February 2012

Acceptance of Pain Makes Life Pleasant

Life would be more pleasant if we accepted that there is no intolerable pain.

All pain is tolerable.... else we would not be alive today. Pain feels untolerable, but we all live with it at different levels of coping. Some of us suffer silently, others verbally, and yet others through the sharpest notes on the musical scale.

Intolerable pain renders a person unconscious.... a natural mechanism that switches off when the system gets overloaded. When the load is removed, we are back in business.

Pain is a signal that all is not well with us. Life without pain is lifeless. Alternately, a life without pain is utopia... pain is unnecessary in heaven!

Pain is not meant to be ignored or denied. Pain is meant to be addressed and treated. Pain is meant to be dealt with in the best way possible. The first steps to managing pain is to acknowledge pain, accept the fact of pain, recognize that pain can be managed, realize that one has choice to manage, explore the various options of coping, and courage to execute the necessary measures.

People respond differently to pain according to their own background. Some persons respond by withdrawing and licking their wounds, others by unburdening their sorrow and speaking about it. Some complain in order to feel better, and some go into spirituality. Counseling, alternative healing systems, medication, humour are all helpful coping methods.

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