Friday, 10 February 2012

Emotions: Positive or Negative?

Emotions of Happiness and Love are not necessarily positive;
and emotions of anger, fear and jealousy not necessarily negative.

Emotions simply reflect our condition and environment and give us feedback to deal with ourselves and our world. How we respond to anger, fear and other emotions is what makes these emotions positive or negative.

There is an objective element to anger, fear, etc. as well as a subjective component. Situational emotions are what cause most people to respond to the same situations in similar ways. Everyone responds in alarm when a terrorist attack occurs, or celebrate in common an olympic gold medal.
Habitual emotions make people respond differently to the same situation. One person responds to a health problem with confidence while another responds to the same with despair. In a habitual response, the angry person gets angry, the fearful gets scared, and the unhappy person becomes sad in most situations.
What sets of our emotions, and how we express our feelings, are determined by our attitudes, beliefs, and habits.
The more positive our attitudes and beliefs, the more we experience comfortable emotions and steer through difficult emotions comfortably. Negative attitudes and beliefs on the other hand compel us to keep experiencing uncomfortable emotions and expressing them in troublesome ways.

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