Sunday, 26 February 2012

And God Shows the Way: Gerald DCunha

Anupam is my good friend Uday's nephew. Way back in 1989, when I had just started THE DAWN CLUB, I had started it not because I knew how to carry out all those activities on personal growth, but because, my heart was propelling me to do so. I did not know how to go about it... Still, I had started it. Hundreds of students had come around me to cheer me up... and, that was my greatest strength. But then, that could have been my potential doom-device too! I could easily succumb to the pressure of expectations from all my well-wishers!

No, it was not supposed to be so. If your intentions are right, God shows the way. I knew, and I would tell it loudly to everyone around: "I am sure, God will send to me wonderful people to help me out."

And, God did. Within months, these wonderful people started coming into my life, all on their own... Believe me, without any effort from my end!

Shri Uday Acharya - just Uday, to me - was one of them!

Those days, like me, Uday too had just started his Vedanta classes in the city after completing his learning in his teacher's Ashram. He had heard about me from one of my students and, along with Shri. Ram Mohan, his batch mate and pal, come to see me.

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