Monday, 6 February 2012


These words came to me, as I was listening to Pramodiniji and Himanshu ji's "Aaj Sakhi Shyam sundar"..

To the readers here, who are yet to hear this song, please catch a will take you away, like it did to me..


My very being is Vrindavan,
I have become the flute.
His music flows through me,
and then there is my purpose - to be and feel all at once.

In stillness I hear him,
In stillness he plays,
The sound that resonates in every cell- alive.

There is a lilt, there is mischief, there is joy and then some –
My heart is that distant drum,
When my being is Vrindavan…

It drenches me in a timeless rain,
I shall not move, ‘lest I get lost,
My breath only exists to smell the flowers…
In my being ..Vrindavan

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